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We love bears. It is an act of deep respect to preserve their skin.  We will only work with hunters who are procuring food and share this sense of respect and who ideally have a good understanding of the ecology where they are hunting.  


If you'd like the paws and face left on, we can do so but please know they will not be flexible like the rest of the hide.  We can also render the fat and send it back to you, this will not be food grade oil.  

Bear rug

  • If you are mailing the bear skin, it must be fleshed and well salted.  Drain the excess moisture for atleast a week before mailing.  

    If you are dropping the hide off, we can do the fleshing at an additional cost of $60.00  

    Please cool the hide immediately upon harvest and either salt or freeze. Do not expose to strong sun, do not wash and if you are intending to dry it out, flesh it first.  

    Please be cautious with your skinning as all knife marks can leave to holes in finished hides.

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