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Thank you for visiting The Natural Tannery, where we use traditional techniques and all-natural methods to create unique and luxurious leather crafts and textiles. With great respect for the process and the animals, our heirloom crafts are done in the old way, preserving a rare art form. 

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We support local farmers by purchasing raw, high-quality sheepskins and tanning them by hand using only natural methods. The sheep are raised ethically for food on good pasture. 

Occasionally we collect skins which would otherwise be discarded from the local abattoir (I cannot say what sort of lives these sheep lived).  We do our best to honour their lives by creating these beautiful heirloom textiles. We also receive ample donations of deerskins which we transform into Barktan and Buckskin leathers. These textiles will last many lifetimes and bring you warmth, comfort and a connection to the past.



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